Advanced Vehicle Products.

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Welcome to Advanced Vehicle Products /  Supplying Nevada with emergency vehicle equipment and installation serving Federal, State, County, City, Law Enforcement, Fire and Fleet Vehicles in Nevada & Mohave County Arizona.

                                         Installation and Service:                                   

Your vehicle will be built to stay in service. The real difference in installation is safety & reliability.
The improper routing of wires, the use of screws when bolts should be used, the improper gauging of electrical wires, and bad mounting locations are just some of the most common issues for poorly up-fitted vehicles. Our technicians are EVT Certified (Emergency Vehicle Technician) which means a strict quality control you can rely on to alleviate these issues, delivering a vehicle which can go into service and stay in service. This quality control means less money spent on maintenance, more confidence in your equipment, less down time and shuffling of vehicles and personnel. 

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Advanced Vehicle Products provides:  Emergency Vehicle Installation • Emergency Vehicle Lighting • Sirens • Partitions • Safety Seats • Light Bars • Strobe Lights • Grill Lights • Amber Lighting  Rear Traffic Control • Gun Racks • Push Bumpers • Beacons • Dome Lights • Window Tinting • Power Distribution Centers • Consoles • Decals & Graphics • Wiring Harnesses • Battery Protection • Storage Boxes • Cargo Organizers • LED Lights • Lighting Controllers • Power Supplies • Flashers • Window Bars • Computer Mounts • Command Centers • Custom Installations